Monday, October 27, 2008

THQ's Sewing Area- Finally Organized

After organizing my ribbon, and leaving me with 3 empty drawers I had to re-organize my sewing items. WHOO-HOO!--you have to personally know me to realize how nutty I am about organizing and cleaning....everything truly has a certain place where it belongs.
It is my way of keeping sane and keeping my area from getting to crazy. You may have read in an earlier post and saw the messiness of my sewing area---and let me just tell you, that, that is a rare occasion. I love to organize, & I need to organize. What the organization is not helping me do is remember what books I have and what patterns & fabrics I already have.
There have been numerous of times I've ended up buying the same thing---and would you believe, I ended up buying 3, yes you read that right, 3 copies of one book--I guess I really liked and wanted that book, I don't know.
But here is how my area looks now after some major cleaning up and organizing:

Main Wall of Vintage Fabrics, the drawers hide my fusibles & quilt blocks

The other side where my laptop sits and printer where I print tut's from blogs or check up on your blogs, this is also where my serger sits when I'm in the mood for serging--very rare, and my back-up sewing machines.

All of my thread. Yes, that's 6 drawers filled with thread, not including the ones in the rack and my organizer full of embroidery thread behind the rack. On the top 3 containers are some of my wooly felt, all organized by color.

This is my sewing/quilting books & patterns & notions area. I don't know if you can tell, but there is a label on each box with a label of what supply is in there. The books are separated by quilting/sewing, and then by the types of projects....sick, I know.

My wall of designer fabrics from Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, Sandi Henderson, Valori Wells to name a few and there are soo much more....thats just scratching the surface. Some quilting squares up top along with zippers and more notions. There's my quilting hoops & some of my fat quarter stash.

A close up of such beautiful fabric....I don't even want to cut into them, it's too beautiful :(

These are all scraps, Yup all scraps organized by color in all of the bins. I ran out of shelving so this was the only thing that I could do. I'm planning on purging some of this and maybe have a giveaway with the scraps, fabric & books that I'd like to send off to a new home.

1/4 of my vintage fabric collection. I love vintage fabric!!

& of course some more fat quarters....all nice and organized. So soothing to me.

So my sewing area is's now off to organize my knitting area.....I'm posting a before pic and hoping to add an after shot soon!

Everyone, meet Isabel or Bel, Beli-my 2 year old daughter. She wanted her picture taken.

I can't stand these bins. I need to come up with another way to display the yarn and my embroidery and cross-stitch supplies. HELP! Any suggestions?

My Knitting needles all in one bag.....I need to make some Needle cases for these....Another project to add to the already long list of projects I'd like to do, added to the orders I have to complete. Anyone feel like trading? Make me a Knitting Needle case and I'll throw in some yarn or scraps or books....whatever will call it even. I'M DEAD SERIOUS. EMAIL ME OR POST A COMMENT HERE.

Some more knitting & crochet books. Told ya'll I loved books.

& some yarn scraps in little baskets placed right next to my rocking chair. My relaxing spot.

So Kat & I have been discussing about arranging a swap of some kind having to do with our scraps. It's still in it's early developmental stages, but we are very close to having the final rules and will be ready to post about it. We'd like to get it started soon and have it end 2 weeks before X'mas so we all can get early presents. How many would be interested? I will also be having a giveaway soon with a lot of the stuff I purge from organizing & as well a quilt to giveaway. Check back, follow me to make sure you don't miss sign ups. Oh yeah. I was really serious about trading or bartering for some sewing/knitting/quilting stuff. I have plenty to give out or trade with in exchange for a knitting needle case/roll so if you're interested, please post a comment here or send me an email! Thanks for stopping by!


Beth said...

You own so much fabric. And you are so organized! You really need to come to my house and help me out. But - it's mainly my kids getting into stuff and then not putting it away (why do my pleas to respect mommy's space not work?). Where do you find vintage fabric? And, I guess, how do you know it's vintage? Beth

carrie said...

OK, I am so jealous right now. SERIOUSLY?? Good thing we aren't neighbors, I'd be at you house daily just to look and drool at your stash. Yum! I would love to do a swap. Sounds like fun! I could totally make you a needle holder too if you'd like. It'd be fun.

Abbie Simpelo-Dyer said...

Thanks for the comment Beth. I bought the vintage fabric through ebay, sellers on craigslist, and then went to many, many auctions. With collecting and reading up about the different years you start to train your eye to spot vintage fabrics--you can definitely tell the difference from reproduction and true vintage. Plus, I have a ton of feedsack that i'm hoping to turn into a quilt and make completely by hand. The internet is a great source of finding out different prints from different eras & time periods.

Katherine said...

Looking Good!! Your so darn organized. I loves ya OCD and all :)

Heather said...

Oh the things you can make. I have stash envy--space envy--dress form envy. Wow! You are all set to get creating. Thanks for sharing!

Tonya said...

Very very nice. I would never find room for all that fabric - that's amazing! Your daughter is pretty cute too!

Keri said...

Oh my goodness.... I'm showing my husband all your fabric so he won't comment on my rinky dinky cupboard full!

Sue Cahill said...

I think a swap would be great fun, I'm looking forward to finding out more about it.

Ikki said...

Absolutely amazed at your craft room, the organization, the quantity, the colours, the patterns, I could go on, and on.
Well done on your quilts, they are a delight, and so is your little daugther, Isobel. xx Ikki (SBS#26)

Michelle said...

*sigh* I would love to have a stash like that! Since I just stumbled over here for your giveaway, I decided to peruse your other posts. Are you still looking for another trade buddy? I was thinking about doing a crochet hook clutch/organizer thing for my MIL for Christmas, and it couldn't be all that hard to 2 @ the same time! I have the perfect fabrics in mind...

annamae said...

wow, totally drooling and jealous now! haha, really though your creative space is amazing! I'm still dreaming of having my own room to craft and sew in as i'm still at the kitchen table. lol! but I am so with you on the organization thing! I love love love to organize, I do it for my friends too i'm so in love with it! thanks for the tour!

Lissa Jane said...

holy moly!!! thats one stash & a half!!!! I feel not worthy to call myself a quilter!!! LOL

I like things to be tidy, if only what I liked and what I did were on the same page.. my sewing area looks like a fabric bomb went off in it!!!


HAINAngel2000 said...

I think I just found the perfect blog and perfect sewing room!! OMGoodness this is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I know I'm years behind on this but I've only just found this blog and I think your room is AMAZING!!

Did you get the needle rolls you needed? :o) xx

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