Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help! Things that start with " i "

So I'm in this alphabet swap and i'm to put some stuff together for my partner in Australia--why do I always get partnered with someone from Australia?! hmmm.....well I'm having brain block and I can't think of what to put on there, sewing quilting and craft related that start with an I so I'm asking you guys out there for some ideas.

Copied right from her list....this is what it has to be:

(What is an alphabet swap you say?Well - it is quite literally a swap centred on letters of the alphabet. You and your mystery partner will both get the same letter and will have to come up with a box of little things related to that letter. There is no need to get too extravagant or spend OVER $30 - but be as creative and inventive as you like; you could include craft supplies, little treasures, words, foodstuff -ANYTHING! I know, dear readers, you are all fabulously interesting and original so let there be no limit to your ideas!)

My letter is I, I prefer to make things, I am already planning on making Ice Cream in a cone out of felt, kinda like a pincushion ice cream, and after that I'm lost. I can't think of anything that may be easy to make.

So your ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Beth said...

Does your partner have an ipod? Could make an ipod cozy / cover.

Icicles - can you somehow make icicle ornaments - do you crochet - I keep seeing crocheted icicles that are stiffened using that yarn stiffener.

Hmmm - I is hard.

Anonymous said...

A tape measure has INCHES
IRON-ON appliques
An IDEA BOOK of patterns or tutorials
Perhaps INCREDIBLY cute fabric
INTERESTING sewing notions
INDIGO or IVORY colored fabric
IMAGE transfer paper
Patterns come with INSTRUCTIONS
An IPOD cover
INSECT or IVY print fabrics
Pants have an INSEAM

Abbie Simpelo-Dyer said...

I is hard, but damn guys, you've nailed it and I think I have everything to include all of those! Thank you! Thank You. If anymore happen to come to mind, it! abs

Katherine said...

Mmmm Ice Cream..*Licks Hand*...Who am I?? lol

YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Abbie! How about an 'I-vory' floral posie? An 'I' cord for multiple uses. An 'iridescent' colored piece of fabric? You're right, the letter 'I' is hard! Have fun with your swap!

Abbie said...

lol, kat you impersonate my daughter too well. that's all i could think of when i thought of only ice cream. :P

carrie said...

Wow! I is a hard one. Who ever ccswch is, is mighty creative! OK, here's what I got... recipe for great icing, a jar with ingredients (for cookies, for brownies, or whatever... the kind that you add the ingredients and follow the instructions), hmmm, that's about all I got. Sorry!

Alexandria said...

Welcome to the Sisterhood! I can't wait to get to know you!!

D said...

I is for Iguana, Instructions (a pattern maybe?), Island (fabric/theme), The Incredibles... hmm can't wait to see what you swapped. What a fun idea.

Anonymous said...


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