Thursday, October 23, 2008


What's that sound? Why, it was the sound of myself biting into a nice crispy cold pickle. Man, I love pickles & before you give another explanation, no, I'm NOT pregnant--Don't even say that to my husband--3's enough, but before I start rambling on I wanted to share a pickle recipe. Perfect for the pickle lover, sure to satisfy & cure any hunger! I eat these like popcorn!

Seeing as this is the only blog that I do have, I know I can add another one, but I just wouldn't possibly be able to keep up with 2.--I've been blogging mainly about sewing & quilting, but did you guys know that I am a whiz in the kitchen?....well let me tell you.......

I am proud of these pickles, when I was mixing all of the ingredients in, I kept my fingers crossed and hoped that it would taste as good as I imagined it. It far exceeded my expectations! With a tweak there, adding of an ingredient here and removing of one there, I now have the final sample for you to make.

I love pickles, whole pickles that is, just no pickles in my sandwhich or hamburger-I'm weird like that. So I wanted to share this fantastic recipe for Pickle people. *WARNING: THIS ISN'T GOING TO BE A RECIPE WITH INSTANT GRATIFICATION--PATIENCE IS NEEDED, IT WILL BE READY IN 3 DAYS AND SO DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!!*


1 Gallon of Kosher Dill Pickles, can be bought at Walmart or Costco-You can purchase whole or sliced, just know that if you buy whole pickles you will end up slicing it. I'm all for saving time and short-cuts so purchase the sliced'll be that much closer to your pickles.

1 Large Clove of Garlic-Chopped

2 cups of Vinegar

6-7 Cups of Sugar

1/2 lb. of Jalapeno Peppers & Sweet Little Red Peppers


Take your gallon of pickles and drain all of the juice from them. Set them aside for right now.

In the empty gallon, combine your sugar, vinegar, garlic and peppers, mix well and slowly add your sliced pickles while stirring.

Leave on your counter away from sunlight for 3 days--make sure you stir at least twice a day until then.

After the 3 days, stir and you may serve it warm or place in refridgerator to make it nice & cold and crispy the way I like it.



Beth said...

Hi Abbie. Beth from your SCB group #1 - just popping by to say hi - and I love pickles. Might have to make this if I can find someone with a Costco membership to buy me some pickles. Have fun, Beth

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