Thursday, September 18, 2008

Camera Happy

Current projects....can't tell what it will's a secret..shhhh

Some more new fabric added

Stuff around the house:

a pic from one of my thread racks

A flower from my son....from last christmas....awwww....

Close up of some knitted flowers that I love!!

Random pics of flowers and stuff from our yard

Some yarn scraps

Haven't been on here for a while....been messing with a new camera and can I just say....AMAZING! What a difference a nice camera can make....I'm Shooting with a Cannon EOS Rebel now, and the pictures are just fantastic. Just look at the pics above.

On another note----I haven't sewn much of anything this week, other than to complete a custom's what it looked like:

Lots of pockets and was a hit! That's about it, I haven't caught up on my orders....just feeling a bit overwhelmed is all....having to keep a house clean, watch 3 kids, and get sewing orders's taking a toll on me--I'll figure out a way to make it easier eventually...maybe on my next orders I can give myself more time....but this is going to be short as I have to chill....some books to read and maybe get something in as far as sewing. So enjoy the pics...I'll be back with more...and hopefully with pics of new stuff I've made! See you then!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adding to my collection

I've been busy......Look what I got!!----
Earlier in the week I added to my library collection to my already big/full collection.....I stopped counting at 874 and about 2 shelves left, but I just added about 50 more books and magazines---whew....I'm running out of room...i don't know where to put them all. I got a great deal through the wonderful Craigslist.....and then bought a couple more books at, I just bought a bag of buttons and also found a nice big jar to put a lot of them in at a thrift store and added to my buttong collection....gotta love those shops!

I've already tabbed a lot of the pages that I will be working to-do list is getting too big!
I have been sewing a lot, just trying to pass the time since my DH is gone for 2 months, but he is making an extra trip up this weekend! whoo hoo! I need a break! So when I'm done with the last couple of projects I had lined up, I will post them up here....I'm currently working on my own design for a new bag.....I will put a tutorial here when I've fine tuned everything! So until next time....KEEP ON SEWING!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Weekend Gone

Well it was another Sunday at the Biz Market. It's been pretty steady as far as sales go and I can't be more pleased! With the orders coming in from my website, as well as orders from Biz, Etsy, & Ebay, I'm one pretty busy gal. Sometimes I stop and wonder what I was thinking when I started this, and it is now at the point where sewing takes up almost all of my free time, but being a stay at home mom, I need all the orders I can get and do all the sewing I can do--it is what it is....
On another note....there were some new vendors today at the Biz Market, here are some pics to give you a glimpse of the happenings at Biz Market.

A good friend of mine was thoughtful enough to pass by and visit me at the Biz Market--She is also a sewing junkie.....her new webpage.....sevidesigns can be found here: --well I have to get back to quilting, but before I go, I wanted to 6 almost 7 month old girl....said her first word find out what it the video here.

Well that's it for now. Next Saturday, The Biz Market will be in Charlestown, Sunday--the usual spot at the MCC! I'm looking forward to it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taking A Break from Quilting

I have been quilting way too much these past couple of weeks that I needed to switch gears and do a different kind of sewing.....I chose two projects to do that only took me a total of 1 1/2 hours. The first project is the Wildflower Pincushion by Anna Maria Horner, You can find that tutorial here.
Mine turned out just great....I love this pattern, I will be doing lots more of these and probably tweaking it a bit to create my own kind of's mine: I also did my own pattern for a Needle Case......Girl with Bouquet. I'm hoping to have a tutorial made for this project soon, but for now here's a look at my Needle Case. So this was a great way for me to use my time while not quilting....there are days when I just want to sew & make bags of course!---that's my addiction and my kind of patterns. So that's it for now, I'm heading off to bed.....gonna turn in early for once. Check back later, hopefully I'll have my tutorial up.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Swaps!

Well I've just signed up for my first swaps. I didn't know if I signed up on time, but I just got emails earlier this morning confirming that I was in!---yay!! Whether or not this will be just work overload...we'll see.
My First swap is called the Scrappy Cabin Swap, You can read more info here.
This one won't be too bad, I have until January to make 20 scrap log cabin quilt blocks.....check back and see who I have as a swap partner.
My other swap is called the Gratitude swap. More info found here. I just found out my swap partner----she's all the way from AUSTRALIA--AWESOME!! Her name is's her blog. This one's due by the 26th of Sept. so I don't really have much time!! I hope she likes her stuff! I still have to figure out what I'm going to be sending, plus I have some quilts to bye for now. Have a good day everyone!
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