Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 6: Rounded Petal Fabric Flowers

Day 6: Rounded Petal Flower


Gather up your supplies--you will need scraps of fabric, needle, thread, scissors and your choice for a center.

Look to your stash--I have a tote full of 2x2 squares which will create a 2 1/2" flower, use larger squares for larger flowers.

1.  Cut your pieces of fabric into 5, 2x2" squares

2.  Fold each square in half to form a triangle and press with your fingers or an iron

3.  Take your needle and thread it long enough to be able to sew through all triangles.  Start on the right side of the triangle with the point at the top and continue to the other raw side of the triangle.  Pull tight and you will create the petal.  With the same needle and thread continue with the other triangles.



When you have sewn all the petals sides and pulled to form the petal, you will need to sew petals 1 and 5 together.  Take a couple of extra stitches to secure.


Now turn it over and close with your center.  I used a covered button on mine.  Notice the different fabrics?  Like a knuckle-head, I was transferring the photos to my computer and managed to only send my finished pic and deleted the rest :(  So I had to start over.---Nonetheless, it was completed again :)
Again, attach to your favorite all know where mine will be :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In

.....It had to be at least over 3ft of snow that fell over the weekend and continued to fall down again late Tuesday evening until Wednesday afternoon--that is a pic from my basement and that is a 4ft. fence.  The house is full as my oldest did not go to elementary school since last Thursday and my 3 year old did not have pre-school as not much alone time for me, more like no crafting time as my hopes of being able to do 28 flowers in 28 days have quickly left me 5 days behind :(

These cold and snowy days make me turn more towards knitting and I was able to finish a pair of socks for my husband whom I never get the chance to make many things for.



I love natural earth tone colors and really this was the only "man" looking yarn that I had in my stash :P

My finished sock......doesn't it just look warm.

I hope those that had to endure this winter storm are keeping nice and warm!  I'll be back to continue my attempt at making flowers.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 5- Molly Chickens Fabric Flower


Day 4- Rounded Petal Fabric Flower

The kids have allowed me zero time to make the flowers myself---so I will be attaching links to some really cute fabric flower tutorials.....starting with:

Day 4:  Rounded Petal Fabric Flower by Melissa of Pink Paper Peppermints


Day 3- Ribbon peonies

Bear with me :)  A couple of days late, but I'm adding to it....I will be doubling up tomorrow to catch up.  Sorry for the bad pics, I didn't have enough time to bust out the "good" camera--hope these will suffice.

Day 3:  Ruffled Ribbon Peonies

What you need:
--2-3 yards of WIRED ribbon--that is important! ( mine is 1 1/2")
--thread and needle
--felt, and clip or your own chosen finishing


1.  Pull on wire on side of the ribbon to start the ruffling.  Ruffle to the end of the ribbon.  Make sure to leave about 2in. of wire on both ends.

2.  To begin creating your flower, take the end you started pulling from and fold the ribbon back and forth about 4 times to get a good start.  Take you needle and thread and secure several times.


3.  Wrap the ribbon around your base and stop at the beginning of each wrap to stitch and secure in place.  Continue till you reach the end.


4.  Stitch through all layers if you can, if it's too thick then add a few extra stitches to secure the layers.  It will look pretty messy on the back so you will want to take your piece of felt and stitch to the back.


5.  If you are going to be using this as a clip, take another piece of felt--rectangular size and stitch to the back of first piece of felt.



6.  Attach and finish to your preferred method!



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 2--Fabric Flower Corsage

Attach with corsage pins, saftey pins or glue to headband or bag for a really cute look :)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

15 Days of Flowers......Day 1

Ahhh....February, the month full of love and flowers.  This month, I've decided to create 15 days of flowers.

Everyday, (time permitting) I will post a tutorial on how to make different types of flowers....whether they be knitted, crocheted, and made out of various types of we begin:

DAY 1: The Knitted Flower

Don't know how to knit?--no worries this is one of the best sites to learn from: Knitting Help , and of course there is always YouTube videos.

Materials:  (perfect for scrap yarn!)
Yarn in your color of choice
Size 2 knitting needles
Needle & Thread
Button or your choice for center of flower


The Pattern:

Cast on 49 stitches
ROW 1: Purl
ROW 2: K1, *YO, K1, S1, K2Tog, PSSO, K1, YO, K1; Repeat from * to end of row.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2, 2 more times ending in Row 2.

Row 7: Purl
Row 8: P2Tog to the last stitch, Purl (you should have 25 stitches)
Row 9: K2Tog to the last stitch, Knit (you should have 13 stitches on your needle)

Cut yarn, thread through all the stitches on the knitting needle, pull up really tight and knot and secure.


Attach your center:


Use it however you choose!  I chose to attach it to an alligator clip and then attached it to a headband:

and now admire your piece of work!  Here is the final piece on my daughter :)



Easy and fast and a great way to use up scraps of yarn :)
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