Monday, November 30, 2009

New Home, New Tree

This year had to be one of my busiest, with a move, a new baby, and new business ventures, it left little time for me to drop by here and post projects that I had completed throughout the year, and there were many!
During the move, my ornaments for my Xmas tree were ruined, smashed and crumbled to smitherines, so during my Black Friday shopping, (yes ladies I participated, from 12am-8am!) I picked up new ornaments in a new color scheme that I am loving. So, here is my tree for this year :)

A new thing that I have started to do, and I'm kicking myself for, for not doing this sooner, is taking a handprint of my children this year and turning them into ornaments, I hope to continue this and do it again the same time next year and not only will it make my tree so much more personal and meaningful, but it'll be fun to see how much the children have grown in a year.

These are their hands, still in the creating stages, I haven't quite decided which material to use and how I will be decorating them, but you should see how small the littlest one is, those belong to my 4 month old *tear*

Now, some really cool ornaments that I just had to have, and you can see my color scheme for this year.

A yummy sour laffy taffy looking tree, makes me want to eat it everyday I see it

Cute not-so-little lollipop in neon green

Same lollipop, just in red

No topper this year, couldn't decide, but it does have my favorite word this time of the year...peace

And that's my tree w/ some presents, had to stop after finishing the 3rd roll, kids are spoiled and so am I :)

Happy Holidays!

"Stocking" up for the holidays

Nothing like nice and simple craft projects to ease my way back into making custom orders as well as creating handmade gifts for my friends and family this holiday season.

I have yet to make my family's stockings, but managed to complete these 2 orders for custom stockings. I was also able to put my new "toys" to use :)
During my time away I purchased a new serger and also convinced my husband to purchase my christmas present early ....hehehe....a new embroidery machine----HOW IN THE WORLD DID I LIVE W/OUT ONE BEFORE! Just the amazing things that I can now do and the personalization that all of my gifts will now have this year, I'm just giddy w/ excitement, can't you tell??!!

Here is the first of my custom stocking orders using applique, and all of my stockings were made using my serger for extra durability to last the family through many years.

Decorator fabric for the cuff and nice soft blue velvet material for the body, sooo soft in person.

Second custom order.....Embroidered stockings, my new favorite thing to make.

Thanks to Cheryll for sending me a photo of my stockings already hung in her home. I love it when a customer is really satisfied :)

Did you notice those cute little paw stockings? We couldn't leave out her little puppies! They had their own custom stockings too---find the pattern for them HERE.
They turned out so cute, it ALMOST made me want to get a dog just so I could have one of these to hang too.

Quick, simple and required less than a yard for each stocking. These would be great to place to give presents in. You can find patterns for stockings to create your own everywhere! Go make your own and share them with me!
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