Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 6: Rounded Petal Fabric Flowers

Day 6: Rounded Petal Flower


Gather up your supplies--you will need scraps of fabric, needle, thread, scissors and your choice for a center.

Look to your stash--I have a tote full of 2x2 squares which will create a 2 1/2" flower, use larger squares for larger flowers.

1.  Cut your pieces of fabric into 5, 2x2" squares

2.  Fold each square in half to form a triangle and press with your fingers or an iron

3.  Take your needle and thread it long enough to be able to sew through all triangles.  Start on the right side of the triangle with the point at the top and continue to the other raw side of the triangle.  Pull tight and you will create the petal.  With the same needle and thread continue with the other triangles.



When you have sewn all the petals sides and pulled to form the petal, you will need to sew petals 1 and 5 together.  Take a couple of extra stitches to secure.


Now turn it over and close with your center.  I used a covered button on mine.  Notice the different fabrics?  Like a knuckle-head, I was transferring the photos to my computer and managed to only send my finished pic and deleted the rest :(  So I had to start over.---Nonetheless, it was completed again :)
Again, attach to your favorite all know where mine will be :)


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