Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 3- Ribbon peonies

Bear with me :)  A couple of days late, but I'm adding to it....I will be doubling up tomorrow to catch up.  Sorry for the bad pics, I didn't have enough time to bust out the "good" camera--hope these will suffice.

Day 3:  Ruffled Ribbon Peonies

What you need:
--2-3 yards of WIRED ribbon--that is important! ( mine is 1 1/2")
--thread and needle
--felt, and clip or your own chosen finishing


1.  Pull on wire on side of the ribbon to start the ruffling.  Ruffle to the end of the ribbon.  Make sure to leave about 2in. of wire on both ends.

2.  To begin creating your flower, take the end you started pulling from and fold the ribbon back and forth about 4 times to get a good start.  Take you needle and thread and secure several times.


3.  Wrap the ribbon around your base and stop at the beginning of each wrap to stitch and secure in place.  Continue till you reach the end.


4.  Stitch through all layers if you can, if it's too thick then add a few extra stitches to secure the layers.  It will look pretty messy on the back so you will want to take your piece of felt and stitch to the back.


5.  If you are going to be using this as a clip, take another piece of felt--rectangular size and stitch to the back of first piece of felt.



6.  Attach and finish to your preferred method!




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