Monday, December 8, 2008

You Know You're A Quilting & Sewing Junkie/-o-Holic When.....

--You visit a fabric shop more than 2 times a week, for nothing in particular

--You visit a quilt shop more than 2 times a week, for nothing in particular

--and because of the previous reasons, every store employee knows your name

--Your 2 year old can say the names and recognizes the buildings of your favorite stores when you arrive-- "Yo'Wans"-Joann's, Kankcok-Hancocks, "Wub-fwabwics"-Webfabrics

--Every time you look through your fabric stash it's like Christmas all over again, because there's many that you forgot you had

--Not one room in your house is without "something you made", a sewing notion, fabric, crafts etc.

--Your work area spills into the Dining table and your husband has to ask you politely if he can eat at the table because he knows better than to touch and move your stuff

--Your children automatically eat in the living room because they know Mommy's important sewing things are on the table

--You have 3 copies of 1 book because you fail to check your large stash of books already

--You have 2 copies of the same magazine issue because you once again failed to check your
large stash
--You fill 6 drawers full to the brim with thread because you think you'll use them all in this lifetime

--You hunt through your local thrift store and Goodwill shops for fabric and bedsheets to use for sewing, on a daily basis

--You scour etsy & search for all the sewing & quilting patterns in PDF Format that you can buy because you can't wait for it to arrive through snail mail

--You scour the blogs for any sewing or quilting tutorials

--You purchase ink, sheet protectors and copy paper once a week because your printer is working hard printing the tutorials

--and because of those previous reasons, you've got the "index finger syndrome"--from clicking your mouse, your down arrow or your select key too many times, for a long time, searching for patterns/tutorials

--and like your fabric stash, when you look through all your patterns it's like Christmas all over again

--Last, you eat, sleep, S**T sewing & quilting 24/7
*I can't think of anymore, but I know I'm missing things....this is where you all come in. Add to the list, make it fun. Some of these may not apply to you, or some of these may apply to you, but for me, they ALL surely do apply to me. I'm slowly trying to go through this list and make sure that by New Years I can say that none of these apply to me--I've already fixed the eating at the table part. We all can eat there now!--at least for now. Is there anything you can add to the list?

--Where and why did this list come about? I was re-organizing again and looking to see if I needed to purge once more. Well I completely forgot about the fabrics I had stowed away behind the drawers and behind the doors of my wall units, so while going through them I was amazed at all of the items that I found, that I thought I didn't have or that I just went to the store and purchased because I forgot I had it. It was truly the saying "Out of Sight, Out of mind"

What did I find you ask? Well, I found, yards and yards and piles of true vintage fabrics and feedsacks--I completely forgot about that. Even more kid themed fabrics, even more fleece, and even more odd and end fabrics. I even found really old quilt blocks that I was saving to turn into a quilt. It was an early Christmas present to me! Hooray! To those that can relate...doesn't it feel good to find this stuff??!! I LOVE IT! This is why I organize often....Just to look back and find old treasures that will be new once more.
I hate posting without pics so I leave you with photos from my find. Try not to drool. J/K, but do check back here later this week. I'll be hosting another giveaway, but this time for my purged items!--There is no junk here SISTA! Be sure not to miss it-- An early Christmas present from me to you :)

There's more than that, but I wanted to save them for a certain giveaway..... ;) Ta Ta for now.


Michaela said...

I love those moments! Happens to me all the time! Great finds you have there...

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

How about when my now 13 year old daughter would say "use that card Mommy at the bank, they give us money" !!!

rachel griffith said...

i do believe we all know, first hand, ALL of these.
{especially the kids eating in the livingroom. lol.}

Carla said...

Sure pegged me right. Great finds! I was reading to hubby and when I got to the part of the kitchen table he laughed.

SkippyMom said...

The dining room table reason is SO true in out home. Except my kids don't eat in the living room...they eat in the kitchen

I love my dining room table for is eight feet long and 45" wide....dream table! :D [and they THINK I bought it for meals...bwahahahahaha!

Alexandria said...

These are so funny!
I got your comment about making the art cases. Sorry I'm just getting back to you. I like the way the one with the ark looks. How much would 2 of those run me and do you happen to have any material that has the characters from the movie "Cars" on it or anything with Spiderman? Just let me know! Thanks!!

Lindi said...

Oh yeah, I can relate! lol
Add, "When you make a solemn vow not to buy any more fabric until you've reduced your stash somewhat,you really mean it, and then the very next day you find something you really really really needand don't hesitate to purchase it!"

Shari said...

Finding long lost fabric and gadgets is so fun! Like finding a treasure. Love the list but can't think of anything to add... pre-coffee...
Merry Christmas!

YayaOrchid said...

Yep, been there done that.
Woman, you have quite a stash there! I'm drooling here, LOL!

Kate said...

Everytime I try to organize my sewing room I find something that I want to sew and I get distracted. Instead of cleaning up the area, I have one more project in motion.
When I restack my fabric to a new shelf I discover new color combinations and want to start a new quilt. It doesn't matter how many are already in progress.
It's a sickness of some kind...but it makes me so happy :)


chook said...

I am organizing in a big way at the moment
grr shifting house but after christmas I will be sooo happy I get a sewing room all to myself
oh I just love your finds
hugs Beth

Trish said...

Phew! And here I thought I was the only one!! I thought my kids were the only ones who actually wished they could sit at the table and eat! :) Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.


gin said...

So right!! Love it!! Your creations are awesome. I passed an award to you. I love your quilts!!!

Lissa Jane said...

Oh I can relate to all of the above..
I have two dining rooms and we still 'lap it' in the loungeroom at dinner time..
dags (DH) is worried the house is gonna start OOOZING fabric..


Christina said...

Hahaha! That was so funny. ; ) Been there too many times. Especially the dinig room table...

Anonymous said...

Wow - you did have a great Christmas present! I have several actual feedsack fabrics I inherited from my Grandmother who probably got them from her mother. I love them - I almost hate to use them. I love your die cut dresden plate fabric! Enjoy!


Fiesta said...

cool list! Love it. I have to admit that I found a book the other day that I already owned. Boo for mr. Need to pay more attention.

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