Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ahem(*cough*), snort, ahhhhh......

My mailbox is 3 miles from my house one way...literally. So I'm jealous of you who have your mailbox within a few steps from your door, in your yard, and definitely even more jealous of those that have them attached to your door. Darnit.
Well it was sleeting, snowing, turning into mush and eventually freezing on the roads, so the mail had to wait. Thankfully my DH was home and he did our grocery and picked up the mail....and boy what a happy surprise awaited for me!
My slipper swap item from my partner came along with a generous gift from a fellow blogger.
What's the title all about?
----My cough came when I took a sip from the homemade hot cocoa mix from Sarah--not that it tasted bad, but it was just too gosh darn hot, I couldn't wait to take a sip.
----I literally snorted and choked on my hot cocoa when I saw what Susan Thomas sent me....have a look for yourself....
It just brought back that embarrassing, yet painful experience again, and you better believe I already gave it a whirl....Fantastic! I recommend these over those gloves anyday, but for my peace of mind, I'm using these and the gloves. Thank you Susan! What a surprise and so thoughtful and generous of you :) I tried to send you a message, but the blog address that was written on the package sent by the company mis-spelled something, I hope you are reading this. Thank you again, it was my laugh for the evening.
-----and ahhhhh....because I slipped on the cute little slippers Sarah from Sarah's Corner made for me and they just felt all nice and toasty lined with Chenille, and a very soft material on the outside, and you can't go wrong with green, my fav. color.
Funny, I was just getting on my husband's nerves just a few min. before he left for the store because I could not find my slippers, and bare feet in this cold weather along with having hardwood floors all through-out the house sucks without them. Perfect timing Sarah & well made!--Now the next part....don't get mad, I'm not at all poking fun of your sewing abilities, but there was a little discrepancy, one that worked out for the better :) Here goes another little info. about me that none of you that may be considered TMI, but oh well, One foot of mine is a size 8 1/2 the other is a size 7 1/2, Sarah's slippers just happened to be off in size in one slipper and what a blessing, it fits me perfectly-- ahhh...such is the life when things just work out perfectly on their own.
Here are the slippers:

So I am one happy gal! I just love getting packages in the mail! Have a great day/evening everyone!


Tina said...

3 miles, that would be hard! Great packages, love the slippers! They look so comfy!

Alexandria said...

I hate going to my mailbox when it is cold outside and it is only at the end of my driveway. I would hate for it to be 3 miles away! Those slippers look nice and comfy! I need to go get some new ones. BTW, did you get my emails about the art cases? I never received an email back from you, so I was just wondering.

Sarah said...

Even though the slippers worked out for you I feel SOOOOO BAD!!!!

I have size 10 feet, enormous I know, so I didn't have a way of testing them without fear of stretching them out.

I still cant believe I didnt try to match up the soles to see if they matched. Now I know for next time.

Im glad you liked the package. I had fun with this swap and cant wait to get my goodies!

Shari said...

The slippers look comfy. Do they have the Jiffy Grip on the soles?

Love the gypsy handle for the rulers. Have seen them advertised but haven't seen anyone use them. It's good to know how it works out.

3 miles. Wow. What can I say to that?

Christina said...

Fun. ; ) My mailbox is attatched to our porch, and I still sometimes have a hard time going out in the weather to get the mail. Green is my favorite color too.

whoopsadasie said...

I am sooo happy you like them!! I sent you an email!!

Beth said...

My goodness - three miles. That is a hike. My mailbox is across the street from the house and I don't make it that far on a daily basis. Glad your hubby went for you - Beth

Tonya said...

Cute slippers!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I was gone this past week and just looked in to see who the lucky giveaway winner was - and you didn't even follow through on your promise! What the heck? You said "The person with the most correct wins" - what happened? Just because you could barely count on one hand the persons who got more than 2 correct? I am sorry, but I just don't think that is right. I've seen alot of giveaways but never one that felt "enough" persons hadn't guessed correctly. I am disappointed.


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