Friday, November 28, 2008

Shopping & Fabric Therapy

I'm back from shopping during this Black Friday and the goodies that I got has me saying - "Injured finger, schminger?--No way!!"

Looking at all the fabrics and all of the bright and wonderful colors really did help in making me forget the pain. HA! even though I can't really do much sewing or quilting, I was able to justify my insane shopping spree. It also helped getting 3 more quilt orders--busy, busy, busy, but a little extra mula in my pocket.

So I explained what happened to my poor lil' finger in my previous post. Now i've got photos....the projects that caused the pain, and the items I picked up to help dull the pain haha.
First I was able to get the protective gloves so there will not be anymore sliced fingers.
I picked these up at Joann's and they are priced at $24.99--really helpful... it's already helping and just knowing that I have them, they have taken out some of my fears of using the rotary cutter again.
Now.... the projects that started it all:
So I loved how they turned out, and these to me seem more apprealing than just a plain old crayon roll. The patterns can be found for purchase in etsy....the sellers names are: jcasa & auburn studios.
Now for some eye candy......--the great deals that were going on at Joann's and at my local favorite quilt shop, Webfabrics.
If you haven't noticed, the theme this time around was 'kids' anything kid friendly prints for boys and girls. I also managed to pick up several yards of Woodland Bloom fabric to use as my backing for another quilt I will be making--perhaps this time I may keep it for myself. So these fabrics will most likely turn into more art cases and also various baby items, like quilts, bibs, baby blocks and more. Of course I will share the end results when I have completed them.
So that's it for now....this is what would have been for my Show & Tell Thursday--I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving for those that celebrate it. Thank you all for the kind words and get well wishes :)


Lindi said...

Those pencil rolls look great! Glad you found a distraction for the pain - nice fabrics.

Beth said...

The art cases look great! No blood stains at all. I love all your fabric. Beth

My LIttle Family: said...

"Klutz" gloves? Ouch, that's cold. LOL

Valerie said...

I hope you are doing better. I took a quilting class last year and they told us to consider the rotary cutter a weapon. I guess they were right.

Vickie said...

Your travel cases are great.
You have such wonderful fabric.

Wow, hopefully your finger heals soon. That is a bit of a scary story. I think I will be more observant with my kids and any cutting tool. YIKES!!

Take Care.

Ikki said...

What great fabrics, lucky you. Enjoy your sewing. Ikki

Shari said...

Hope your finger heals quickly! The Klutz Gloves are a good idea. I've only heard of them recently.

Love the new fabric!

Take Care - Shari

Sharon said...

I had no idea there was a product called Klutz Gloves.My husband would by those gloves in a heartbeat for me if he knew they were available. I've been known to suffer a sewing injury or two.

Anonymous said...

Oooh you poor thing! Glad you are healing :0) I will definately keep your finger in mind when using my rotary :) Your Friday shopping looks like a success! I love the ribbon idea, great thinking! Your quilts are just fabulous, I've just got to ask do you handquilt them all? They look Great!

Alexandria said...

I'm sorry about your finger! I hope it's feeling better. I really like the art stations you made! Is there a way I can order some for my boys for Christmas?

robquilts said...

So glad I found your blog...and I found it through your email with my pattern purchase....look for my blog.. great alternative to the crayon roll, I was thinking of making the rolls for my neices this christmas however, I think I like yours better.

Deanna said...

Those art cases are so cute! I need that glove for when I slice veggies and fruits in the kitchen! :)

Wendy B said...

Love the pencil rolls!!!
Wendy B

Christina said...

Hey! I just realized that I got some of the same flannel prints at Joann's on Black Friday. ; ) And I'm getting ready to make more-than-a-crayon roll for my son for Christmas.

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