Monday, November 3, 2008

Brenda's Quilt, Quilting for a cause

(The names have been changed to protect their privacy)

I was approached last Tuesday by a neighbor who asked me to make a quilt for one of our neighbors. Nothing really out the ordinary, I make quilts for friends, families and also sell at craft shows so I thought oh just another order for a quilt.

Well, this one was different. It seems our neighbor Brenda was going to be admitted to the hospital that following morning (Wednesday) in order to donate some of her bone marrow--I had no idea, they are a rather private family, I probably would be do about this situation, but well to add to this, Brenda was donating to a stranger - I'm calling her Lucy.

Lucy had been battling with Leukemia for some time and apparently they had been searching for someone to donate for a really long time, all family members were tested and something always came up--but I don't know all the details as to how Brenda found out and got tested to be a donor, but long story short she was a perfect match.

Here's my simple version asked by the ladies for me to create---in addition to the quilt. :)

Sorry ahead of time if you can't read the small lettering. I worked on this on the computer and couldn't save it any other way.

caption: Meet Brenda-The Donor

Caption: Meet Lucy - The donor recepient

Caption: Brenda & Lucy head to the hospital together - Everything goes well.

Caption: The Neighborhood women came to me and asked me for something special.

Caption: So I worked hard and got to quilting.

Caption: Brenda received her quilt. Both she and Lucy are home and recuperating! What a wonderful neighborhood!

So earlier today, the quilt left my hands, but not before I got to snap a few photos for a little show and tell folks. I worked all Saturday night piecing the quilt. Quilted and stayed up late on Sunday, and added the binding and my label earlier this afternoon.

I was so touched and moved by the generosity of the women in my neighborhood for a fellow neighbor that it inspired me to also 'give'. While it isn't my bone marrow,....I enjoyed making the quilt that I've decided to make one and give it away to a fellow reader. More information on a later post. Look for it and don't forget to enter.


Linda said...

Thank you for sharing the story of your quilt! What a wonderful neighborhood! I am so glad that things went well! Will keep "Brenda" in my thoughts & prayers! It was wonderful of you to make the quilt & to offer one as a giveaway! Thank you for sharing!

osagebluffquilter said...

What a great story. I am very interested in this. I hae a co worker who came down with the same thing about a month ago. Yesterday he found out he will have to have a bone marrow transplant. First they will test his 7 siblings.

Then I'm sure his co-workers will go for testing if necessary.

You were very kind to the neighbors!


Joni said...

What a gorgeous quilt! It just radiates LOVE! Please enter me in the contest; I can wrap up with my hubby in it! Joni Hilton, or call 916-435-2201

Susan said...

I love your comic strip sharing of the story! How clever you are in more than one area!

Anonymous said...

My daughter Tina suggested I come see your quilt. It is just beautiful and so is the story behind it. I know that it will truly be loved. I don't have a blog but would like to enter your contest. Dianna

maggie said...

What a beautiful story. You must live in a great neighbourhood and you are a very generous person too.

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