Thursday, September 18, 2008

Camera Happy

Current projects....can't tell what it will's a secret..shhhh

Some more new fabric added

Stuff around the house:

a pic from one of my thread racks

A flower from my son....from last christmas....awwww....

Close up of some knitted flowers that I love!!

Random pics of flowers and stuff from our yard

Some yarn scraps

Haven't been on here for a while....been messing with a new camera and can I just say....AMAZING! What a difference a nice camera can make....I'm Shooting with a Cannon EOS Rebel now, and the pictures are just fantastic. Just look at the pics above.

On another note----I haven't sewn much of anything this week, other than to complete a custom's what it looked like:

Lots of pockets and was a hit! That's about it, I haven't caught up on my orders....just feeling a bit overwhelmed is all....having to keep a house clean, watch 3 kids, and get sewing orders's taking a toll on me--I'll figure out a way to make it easier eventually...maybe on my next orders I can give myself more time....but this is going to be short as I have to chill....some books to read and maybe get something in as far as sewing. So enjoy the pics...I'll be back with more...and hopefully with pics of new stuff I've made! See you then!


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