Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adding to my collection

I've been busy......Look what I got!!----
Earlier in the week I added to my library collection to my already big/full collection.....I stopped counting at 874 and about 2 shelves left, but I just added about 50 more books and magazines---whew....I'm running out of room...i don't know where to put them all. I got a great deal through the wonderful Craigslist.....and then bought a couple more books at, I just bought a bag of buttons and also found a nice big jar to put a lot of them in at a thrift store and added to my buttong collection....gotta love those shops!

I've already tabbed a lot of the pages that I will be working to-do list is getting too big!
I have been sewing a lot, just trying to pass the time since my DH is gone for 2 months, but he is making an extra trip up this weekend! whoo hoo! I need a break! So when I'm done with the last couple of projects I had lined up, I will post them up here....I'm currently working on my own design for a new bag.....I will put a tutorial here when I've fine tuned everything! So until next time....KEEP ON SEWING!


Dani said...

Thats one nice collection you have there! Man your house would be so fun :)

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