Monday, March 29, 2010

On Top of the World

Week 13 - “Dramatic B&W” Photo Challenge!

Another I Heart Faces Photography Challenge!

I took this picture during my mom's group outing.  I happened to see him standing as he is in the photo with a pouty look, after I asked him to smile, that's all that I was given. This is the original photo.

With a little editing magic, I was able to create my "Dramatic" photo:

Good luck to everyone that enters!  I'll be back with more sewing projects that I have completed since this IS my sewing blog and quite possibly a tutorial :o)


Monday, March 22, 2010

I Heart Faces--Focusing on Angles

A photo challenge:

I am by no means a Professional Photographer, I wish I was though :o)

I came across the site "I Heart Faces" site through several blogs and thought I would go ahead and participate.  I take pics pretty much everyday whether it be on my creations, my children or just random people and things that I see during my travels.

Week 12's focus: Angles

 I was lucky enough to be invited by my sister to photograph a very special moment as she proposed to her long time partner.  I was shooting from below looking up at them and it made Jen (on left) look like she was flying.  I was really pleased with how this and several others that I took turned out.  

That's my entry, fingers are crossed---there were too many awesome pics posted there!  Everybody is so talented!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


So much for posting flower tutorials, I knew my  kids wouldn't allow enough time for me to post daily on my blog, or do really much of anything except clean up after them 10x's a day!

I'm so behind on orders, I apologize if you're one of my customers reading this..... it's really tough to find a decent amount of straight sewing time to finish when you have 3 little ones running around, my 4th who helps a lot when he gets home just can't do it all and they run circles around him :)  He's a big help though.

I did manage to make an outfit for my daughter using Patty Young's Julia Pattern and then created my own top and used the Jack and Jill Hat Pattern by Izzy n' Ivy--it turned out so cute and I sent a sneak peak to my customer who was thrilled--she only chose the fabrics and said "something funky".  I hoped it was funky enough :)

The clothing creations:

My favorite hat

Working on my photography skills :)

Doing the "uh-oh" from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs :)

Gabby modeling and loving the pettiskirt I made for her



More on the way as I am able to create.  Just had to share.  I've even got some of my own creations coming that I hope to have a tutorial for ***fingers crossed***

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