Monday, March 22, 2010

I Heart Faces--Focusing on Angles

A photo challenge:

I am by no means a Professional Photographer, I wish I was though :o)

I came across the site "I Heart Faces" site through several blogs and thought I would go ahead and participate.  I take pics pretty much everyday whether it be on my creations, my children or just random people and things that I see during my travels.

Week 12's focus: Angles

 I was lucky enough to be invited by my sister to photograph a very special moment as she proposed to her long time partner.  I was shooting from below looking up at them and it made Jen (on left) look like she was flying.  I was really pleased with how this and several others that I took turned out.  

That's my entry, fingers are crossed---there were too many awesome pics posted there!  Everybody is so talented!



~ Melissa ~ said...

I saw that pic on your sister's page. Very nice! I have to check that site out now!

Terri said...

Breathtaking - good luck! :) I'll see if I can find your pic on the main site and give you a vote!

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