Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I'm guilty of sewing for everyone else and trying to stock up my etsy store before I even get to create clothing my children.  Raise your hand if you do the same ;o).

I tease my 3 year old daughter (un-intentionally) by asking her to try on a dress so I can photograph it and then ask her to take it off just after she asks "Can I keep it on?"  Oh, bless her little heart.  So what didn't come soon enough, this week marked the start of the kids clothes week challenge.

The goal is to sew at least an hour each day----CHECK---I do more than that, but the idea is to sew for your own children and have a nice little wardrobe by the end of the week...GAH!

So Day 1 came and my little guy was the first, and he got this little outfit:

I love these shorts....check out his chubby little leggies that just makes my heart melt...

Day 2:  A goldfish set...for my little guy

He was taking a nap when I completed this so I wasn't able to snap a photo of him in it, but what I was able to do was create these assembly line style so that I could make some for my kids, but also have some to list in my Etsy shop as well--which I have 2 available right now :)

Day 3 is today and is currently in the works---something that I kind of concocted myself....hoping to finish it shortly so that I can snap photos while it's daylight and this time be able to say to my daughter...."Yes, you can keep it's yours :o) "



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