Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3--Kids Clothing Week Challenge

I revisited those vintage sheets that I used for the vintage wrap dress that I made earlier.  I just love how bright it is and best of all it has my 2 favorite and yellow.  I was inspired by a similar version of this dress from Wooden Soldier, but couldn't handle the price tag--a whopping $70 eeek!  My husband would have a heart attack if he found out that I spent that much on one dress--so I said to myself..."I can make that"  and so what resulted was that dress that Isabel is wearing and modeling for her to keep for herself :o)

Oh and in case you guys were wondering what a $70 dress looks like:

Mine was pretty close...I changed it a bit and I know that I have to add more ruffles next time and closer together, but I love this dress and it was a really fast and quick project.


Carrie said...

SOOO cute! I love it! Did you serge those ruffles on the edges? Too cute!

Anonymous said...

oh my ...oh my ...this is adorable !!
well done !!!!!

robquilts said...

do you have the basic instructions for this little skirt!! I absolutely love it and want to make it for my granddaugher.


lanni @ said...

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Lanni Romney

p.s. I am totally going to do this Frock by Friday that you have here -- so cool!

Katie said...

Your blog is so cute.. I love the little dresses - I wish I knew how to sew (not quilts, but clothing)
We WV quilters need to stick together. ; )

Cheap printing said...

Wow! what a lovely dress. I love it.

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