Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is that really me?!?!

Knit Lite Giveaway

Yes, it does say....Abbie from Woodbridge, VA
Whooo hooo!!!

I won a giveaway from Jenna Lou's blog! Just for being on her emailing list, I was automatically entered in her Knit Lite giveaway! This is just the best! They will definitely be put to good use as I teeter and totter back and forth from my sewing, quilting and knitting gifts for this holiday season.

Thank you Jenna Lou!


SkippyMom said...

Congrats! I didn't realize we lived so close to eachother. I am in Potomac Falls in Loudoun.

Hi! Fellow Virginia :)

Kathie B. said...

hiya! I came to you from your linkback over at Joy's Hope. When I read your post today I had to read it 3 times. I'm in Woodbridge too. I've just started to teach myself to quilt. I made one for my DD and am working on one for my mom. I haven't posted lately but my blog, tells a little about me. I'm going to explore your blog and bookmark it. I love happy coincidences.

Beth said...

lucky you! those are pretty awesome!

Terri said...

That is so cool! :) Do they make crochet hooks, too? Because I can't knit to save my life!

Oh, and since you're in a lucky mode, please stop by and enter my giveaway at! :)

Anonymous said...


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