Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another one for the "Will never finish pile"

WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!! All by hand?
About a little over a year ago, I attended an auction of a quilter who passed away leaving 3 rooms full to the brim of fabric and notions. I was in heaven of course, and if I had the room to hold everything, I'm pretty sure I would have bid and purchased it all. In the many boxes I won, she did not have any pieces of fabric larger than 10" everything had been cut so I was in a crunch and wondered what to make with her vintage treasures.
A scrappy log cabin quilt completely made out of hand to practice my hand-piecing & hand-quilting is what I ended up on doing. I started out w/ a bang and stayed up many nights to cut my pieces and piece my strips together in no particular color scheme other than to maintain the red square in the middle for all blocks. Eventually, it became too overwhelming and joined the other abandoned projects.

Going through it, I realized I accomplished quite a bit, I counted 62, 9" blocks and 8, 18" pieced blocks. I don't think I will ever finish this quilt, so I'm wondering is there anyone who would like to take this over? Is there a quilter's guild that would like to have this to work on? If so, leave a comment here, maybe I'll split it amongst those interested. Have a look at the photos and see for yourself. I don't expect whoever does take this from my hands to finish it completely by hand, but I would love to see it finished :)

Look at the cute Holly Hobbie fabric!!

Anyone want these? Someone with a more trained eye can tell what years these fabrics come from. If you do know, pls. tell me, I would love to know!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my yes, please I love to hand piece and hand quilt, I would be happy to help you out, a million thank yous for any you would be willing to share!

Tara said...

I love to say I want some. But thye would probably end up sitting around here also for a bit. Homeschool is taking front burner right now.
They are awesome! Would be nice to have a time peroid.

Michaela said...

Those blocks are so special. I don't do hand quilting, only machine, but I love those vintage fabrics. You are so generous sharing this after you put so much work into it. It would be beautiful quilt, whoever will finished it. It looks like there is a hand quilter that offered that already, hope you'll share with us the finish quilt picture.

Carla said...

You did so well! It is beautiful. If I won it I wouldn't be able to finish by hand. My hands are too cramped up. Maybe you shouldn't consider me. :)

imagrandma2five said...

Those are such beautiful blocks and you've already put so much work into them! I love to handquilt and when I have a project that I'm am just too tired to deal with I quilt it up using big stitch with size 8 perle cotton and a size 5 needle. I love the look--it's kind of "folksy" and it goes super fast. And with scrappy quilts it looks great!
Karen in Indiana
aka grandma chicken

Shari said...

The blocks are lovely. I'm sure you will find a good home for them and before long they will be keeping someone warm and loved.


Margaret aka Supermom said...

Hi Abbie,
I make over 25 quilts most years to donate to the children's charity Project Linus. I absolutely love the scrappier ones and would be delighted to put these to good use. There are always children in need of a snuggly blanket for comforting.

Peggy said...

You did a great job! I'm sure you will find the best place and quilter for them.

Shannon said...

oh you must finish it and enjoy it. It is too stinking sweet!

Selfishly I would say pick me... I want want want that for me and my couch.

It does look like a true scrap quilt of someone who had been doing it a long time. It mostly looks like 50's-80's with a little olders mixed in.

whoopsadasie said...

Are they all gone? I would be happy to take some off your hands. We have a group of women who quilt at church and then we donate them.

Paula Prass said...

Your blog is wonderful and your creations are even more incredible.
Bet you thought everyone was going to jump at the chance to take that quilt off your hands. I made my first quilt by hand. Took me 3 years, it's peach and country blue, but I know how personal it is to me. I thought and planned and prayed while I toiled over it. I feel like that portion of my life is all sewn up in that quilt.
Difference is I only made one by hand, hee hee.

King family said...

Oh I know the perfect gal for this go check her out. She'd love to finish that job.

YayaOrchid said...

Just wanted to stop by and say I LOVE your new blog look! Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Holly Hobbie!! I love this fabric!! Did you get a home for it?

karmpjs said...

Add a block to the bib of an over all dress, just sew it on with an edge all around with a faux belt of ribbon front of your one of many ribbons.

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