Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Peek Into my Sewing Studio

Yes, you read it sewing area is also slash our dining/kitchen table area.

It's tough to keep my sewing area from over-flowing, but I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband that understands my "need" to have soo much fabric! I was able to grab this wonderful wall unit from a local thrift shop at a great deal.....and you all know about those great deals...I couldn't pass it up!

On the other side is my wall of vintage fabrics and Designer favorites...Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Tula Pink, Heather Bailey....and so much more.....but I have a great collection of the modern contemporary style as they are my faves!

On another side of the wall I've got maybe 1/4 of my patterns and books on sewing & quilting. It's a crazy addiction I tell ya, I wish someone had warned me about this, but then again....I don't know that it would have helped. (What's in the plastic totes you ask?) Well, it's my scraps....all arranged and sorted by color...I's almost OCD, but hey....I need the organization...DESPERATELY! I've found on numerous occassions....before I had my other wall unit I placed everything in totes and forgot I had them there....I can't tell you the thousands of dollars I've spent buying it over and over again....but I think I've solved the problem for now....

A view of the sewing area.....this is actually the cleanest it has been in a really long time. I just finished up sewing up some custom orders and took the time to clean out the area before I destroyed it again with another project....and there are plenty more coming definitely.

----soo....i really wish we could build an add on for my OWN sewing room.....I can just dream about the day when I can have all of my fabric, books and patterns all together in one room! Move or build an extension....i'll take which ever one....or we could just win the lotto and I can buy a whole house for my sewing area.....I really could start a store with my collection...but I wouldn't be able to part with my defeats the purpose of having a store.


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